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Everything is Right About You with Dr Jill Kahn

September 09, 2021 Mariana Thomas Season 3 Episode 37
Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas
Everything is Right About You with Dr Jill Kahn
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How do you respond when life gets too hard? It’s easy to get sidetracked and give up, but how you choose to look at the situation plays a big part in your ability to handle it. 

The truth is, nothing can prepare us for life’s biggest challenges. All you can do is equip yourself with the right mindset and attitude. 

Dr. Jill Kahn is a holistic doctor, founder of The BioCode System, CEO, and founder of Empowerhouse Group, author of the Gift of Taking, honor yourself first… all else will follow & an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the healthiest strongest you can be.

Dr. Jill has over 30 years of experience inspiring 1000’s of people to reclaim their health, power, and effect positive change in their personal leadership and their lives.

In this episode, Dr. Jill Kahn shares with us all about the Everything Is Right About You Movement, the skills and tools you need to prepare you for the hard challenges in life, and the steps you can do in the morning to always start the day on a positive note.  

Episode 37 at a glance...

  • Who is Dr. Jill Kahn?
  • The event that led to Dr. Jill’s pivotal moment
  • Why you need to ask the right questions
  • The importance of filling your cup first
  • What taking responsibility for your life does to you
  • Skills you need to handle the hard times
  • The Everything Is Right About You Movement
  • Dr. Jill’s reminder on how you can mindfully recharge every single day

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Mariana Thomas  0:00 
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Mindfully Recharged Podcast. This is your host, Mariana Thomas. In today's episode, Dr. Jill Kahn, is a holistic doctor, founder of the BioCode System. She also is the CEO and founder of Empowerhouse Group. I am super excited to have Dr. Jill with us. She has something amazing to share with you guys today. So make sure that you stay tuned because this woman has over 30 years of experience inspiring 1000s of people to reclaim their health and power. Okay, so without further ado, let's get to the episode. I will see you there, my friends.

Intro Speaker  1:03 
Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas, in this podcast. Mariana brings you mindful conversations and people that will develop and recharges you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.

Mariana Thomas  1:23 
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the podcast. This is your host, Mariana Thomas, to the Mindfully Recharged podcast and today, guys, you are going to love this guest because I absolutely adore her and she is finally here with us is Dr. Jill. Dr. Jill, welcome to the Mindfully Recharged podcast. Can you feel in here my excitement? I mean, come on there to do. You're a legend. I have been super excited to welcome you to my community. So you are finally here, my friend, what is going on Dr. Jill? Welcome.

Dr. Jill Kahn  2:10 
Mariana! I am so excited about being here with you. This is such a treat. And it's such a privilege. I know we've been talking about being on the podcast for me being on the podcast. And I'm so excited that this day is here. And we get to share this time and continue your conversations where we help people because you and I spend a lot of time together. Because we do the Miracle Morning, the morning show on clubhouse together every single day. So we do ask friends, and we continue to help people all the time together. So to be on your podcast is such an honor.

Mariana Thomas  2:52 
Yes, the honor is mine, Dr. Jill. Seriously, I look up to you. And you know, I'm so proud of all the things that you're doing. So I just wanted to introduce you to my community and all the people out there that I don't even know that they listen, you know, we are in so many places. So I wanted to bring you on. And I just want you to tell us a little bit or tell the community a little bit about yourself. So who is Dr. Jill?

Dr. Jill Kahn  3:25 
Oh, thank you, Marianna. And, you know, I really appreciate that. So I am a holistic doctor of chiropractor. And I have a personal development company where I've created a process in a system called the BioCode system, which teaches people at the moment exercises to strengthen themselves throughout the day, real-time, real-life when stress pushes against them, so they can become stronger than their stress. And I ended up transforming my career over the years, many, many, many different times because you know, sometimes we get those pivots because we want to and sometimes life picks it for us. Well, my story goes way back. Because in 1983, I became a chiropractor and I thought that's exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a chiropractor, I'm holistic, I'm vegan to save the world natural just like you Marianna, and I thought that was going to be my mission. I was going to just help people one subluxation at a time, and I did and I was helping a lot of people and my life took a turn. It's a good turn and an unexpected thing happen, which pivoted me, my family, and my entire career from that moment.

Mariana Thomas  4:46 
Oh, wow. Okay, so now I'm intrigued, and I know a little bit about that and, but the audience doesn't. So I want you to tell us a little bit about the story and how did you handle that, Dr. Jill.

Dr. Jill Kahn 5:03 
So my story goes, I live in Atlanta, like Marianna. And my husband, Danny, also is a chiropractor, and we're a holistic family. We're a family that, you know, really, really is very, very, very mindful of eating healthy and exercising and taking good care of ourselves. And we moved into this beautiful neighborhood that we're living in today. And my husband, it was July fourth, 1996. And my husband, and I decided, like, let's go to the pool, you know, have a barbecue. So when the Olympics came to town, and my husband, you know, picked up a game of basketball with some friends, meet new friends, and I brought my children who were so young at the time, three and five years old to the pool to have fun for the holiday. Right? We were having a great time and then out of nowhere, somebody comes rushing out and they go, "Jill, Jill. Come quick, come quick. It's Danny" I grabbed my children. I rushed over to where my husband is, and he was laying on the floor. He had just had a grand mal seizure. He didn't know, Mariana, who he was, he didn't know who I was. The ambulance came, they rushed him over to the local hospital, Northside Hospital. They do all the scans, only to find out this. He had a malignant brain tumor. And they basically said he had three to five years to live no matter what. So what do you do in a moment like that? You know, we're all told to live in the moment.

Mariana Thomas  6:37 
Yeah. Can't imagine how you felt at that moment, especially having small children. You know.

Dr. Jill Kahn  6:46 
It's devastating. So you know, being very holistic. I knew that the body had the ability to heal itself, I actually had helped my father in 1996 years prior healed from malignant lung cancer. So I did have a little tiny bit of history, but what I did is my oldest brother Howard is an oncologist. So he connected me with the best people in the field in the medical field, all the oncologists for brain cancer, one after another after another said the same thing. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's in a portion of his brain where surgery is really not the best option, chemo, and radiation. They suggested that I do that. And they basically said it would ruin the tumor, and it would come back with vengeance and kill him. Well, that's not that great of a solution. When you're only 35 years old. You don't want to live to 40. It was really unacceptable. So you're right. What do you do in a moment like that? You panic, you freak out, your thoughts start to go crazy. You start to get all this adrenaline there has to be an answer. There has to be an answer. And I remember a little time had passed. And then there was that moment. We all know there's a moment ago pivotal transformational moment. Mine was by the kitchen sink, you always hear these stories by the kitchen sink, on the bathroom floor. Mine was by the kitchen sink, and I was standing there, my mind was racing, the energy and the adrenaline constantly for days for weeks was non-stop trying to figure out there has to be an answer. But all of a sudden, Mariana, a feeling like no other came over me. And it was a feeling of total and complete peace. I started to cry. I turned to Danny. And I looked at him and I said, Danny, not only are you going to be okay, but we're going to help so many people as a result of this. And we decided to take it on ourselves. But taking on something that big is scary. And it's big because we're not talking about little things in life. We're talking about life and death and we're talking about people we love most in the world. Right? And he could have died. I mean, this is a very big subject and a very scary subject. And something interesting happened very shortly and this is where the pivot came from, is I personally started to feel pressure. I started to feel pressure from the medical community, you know, trying to push me into doing what they said right from family well-intended family and friends saying you don't know you're doing don't do this when if he dies. And honestly, I felt pressure from myself because he could have died. He clearly could have died.

Mariana Thomas  7:46 
Yes, because you're now taking his life into your own hands. You know, so the pressure is like on you. And one thing, Dr. Jill, that when you were speaking that came to me was the fact that you were asking yourself that question. It has to be - there has to be, there gotta be something, there are going to be something that we can do. And when we ask, I know I repeat this all the time, when we ask ourselves critical questions. If we had those moments of silence when you were in your kitchen sink, you know, they're thinking, and wow, the light bulb just went on. Because you ask yourself those questions. You were curious, you were asking and asking, and the universe send you the answer. Do you agree, Dr. Jill?

Dr. Jill Kahn  9:43 
I do agree. I do agree. And I do believe it's about asking the right questions. And in moments like that, I had the right question. I didn't have the answers. Because it was so unknown. There was no roadmap. It's not. It's not mapped out, how do you heal brain cancer holistically or anything? Honestly, there's no real strong roadmap. So in those moments, I was asking myself the question, but what I knew was this, this is what I knew for sure. This was the pivotal moment, in order to help Danny save his life. I knew I needed to strengthen my mind, I knew I needed to create space between me and the problem. So I could look objectively and clearly and not get triggered, or take things personally, or make anybody wrong. I knew I needed to create practices to stop the story in my head. So I can have the inner strength to be able to see clearly and confidently and stabilize in these moments. I knew Mariana, that I needed space to feel and feel I feel right.

Mariana Thomas  11:44 
Yeah, and what I'm hearing, Dr. Jill is that you needed to fill out your cup first. You know, strengthen yourself. Fill up your cup. Well, at the same time, you were trying to help him in finding the way to help him to get out of this situation, right? Because at that moment, you probably, your cup was helpful, you know, it's like, Okay, I need to overflow. I need to overflow. So I can go and do this work.

Dr. Jill Kahn  12:23 
Well, it may mean if you think about it, I mean, I am a person. I mean, I even wrote a book called The Gift of Taking. And it's about honoring yourself first and giving from a place of abundance. I am a person who did fill up my cup and did eat healthily and exercise and meditate and do all the things do all the positive things. But when the gym gets harder, it's a whole different game. It's a whole different game, you need to take it from a pitcher with unlimited amounts of water and start filling up that cup because it is going to get depleted very quickly when you're dealing with hard things. This was not an A to Z roadmap. This was hard. And it was hard for so many years when we didn't know if it was working or wasn't working, what to do next, what not to do when to change when not to change how to have these hard conversations without taking things personally without making people wrong. So over the next three years, we were navigating it and I'm telling you it wasn't easy. It was very, very, very hard. But at the end of the three years, we honestly felt and I was lucky enough to have Emory University monitor it with me I don't even know how I talked them into it but I did the universe right is so was so good to me. I asked the right question. I did ask the right question. I said would you please do the scans and MRIs and monitor it so I know where I'm at any given moment. And he agreed the doctor, Dr. Nelson, you seek of the head of neurosurgery of all of Emory agree to do that?

Mariana Thomas  13:52 
Because you were aligned. you aligned yourself. You say that a moment ago, you were in your strength, you strengthen yourself, you align yourself, you were believing that the things that you were doing. And the questions you were asking, were the right things to do. And you got it.

Dr. Jill Kahn  14:13 
And I did get it. So after three years, we literally really felt that he was out of the woods. But time was going to be the only indicator because he didn't have surgery. He didn't do treatments, allopathic treatments at all. So time wasn't going to be the only indicator. So once we felt that he was out of the woods, I was missing my life because I spent my whole life like you helping other people heal their lives, right. And now I had been devoted to Danny and it's such a hard subject for 24 seven for three years straight. I knew I needed to get back to do my work because that's what I'm born for. That's my purpose. That's my mission. So my thought is you put it out there. Do you know what happens? The phone starts ringing immediately. And people were like, we heard your story. Could you help me? I heard about your husband like so and so has cancer. And I was like, "Listen, I'm not a cancer doctor. But I could definitely teach you how to get strong." And so I was missing my life. And I wanted to get back into my practice and continue to help people. And I knew Danny needed to start to rebuild his life and start to get the courage to you know, it was a lot emotionally very taxing on him. And he needed to build up the strength in him to start to feel safe and get back to work. It's a lot that goes into something this serious. So anyway, you put it out there. And you know how it works. Like immediately, my phone started ringing. But I was I wasn't getting calls from like neck and back people, chiropractic people, I was getting calls from cancer people, and they were like, We heard your story. And so and so got diagnosed with cancer, do you think you could help me and I'm like, "Hey, listen, I'm not a cancer doctor, this is not what I do. I can't help you with that. But here's what I can do. I can teach you how to accept responsibility for your life, I can teach you how to get strong to navigate it, I can remind you that you don't have an expiration sticker tattooed on your ass, and no one's going to tell you if you're going to live or die, I could show you how to take back control. So you're not yielding your authority, or your life or your plan to anybody outside of yourself." So people started calm, and they started to accept responsibility. I was teaching them back then when I was calling my formulas. And they were starting to get strong and healthy and really doing phenomenal with their life. And then somebody said to me, one day, they go, "Dr. Jill, my wife, she doesn't have cancer, but I really feel like your formulas can help her" and that it was the kid and then it was all different kinds of people. And that's when I realized what I was teaching was never about cancer. It was about life. And if we all had these tools, and if we all had the skills to meet harder moments, we would all be empowered to be able to deal with fill in the blank, whether it's a health problem, a life problem, a marriage problem, a relationship problem I had, what do I want to be when I grow up my you know, the kid failed the math test. Again, it didn't really matter. What I recognized over so many years is there was a missing skill set, that we didn't really have healthy, strong tools in the moment of stress, real-time to be able to build ourselves up to meet those moments. So as a result of that this program called the BioCode System was born. And many years later, many, many years later, and now it's a program that's being utilized all over the world. It's being used as a leadership development program. It's used for people to strengthen themselves to do hard things. And it's going to be the sound of everything, eventually.

Mariana Thomas  18:00 
Yeah, that's incredible. Well, first of all, I am so grateful that your husband is with us, that he is healthy and dancing with you in the mornings because I know that you're like to dance and go for walks and, and just be in nature. So I am super grateful that you were the angel chosen by the universe to help to overcome this in a natural way. Guys, she just says he did not go through any chemo, or surgery or anything, the natural way. And from that, the BioCode System came out, and now it's helping 1000s of people with it. So I absolutely loved that story. And it just warms my heart. And I know that Dr. Jill not only has done that she's still helping so many people with the chiropractor work that Dr. Jill does but there's something else that Dr. Jill has been doing and cooking. During this time that I know I have a ring around my face on dance. And I want her to tell us about that. Because I want you guys to really get involved with this. This is a huge movement, but I want to hear from her because she will be the best person to explain this new thing that she's working on. So Dr. Jill, what is cooking?

Dr. Jill Kahn  18:39 
Oh, I love that. And yes, the good news is Danny live to tell the story. I'm so glad you said that. We didn't want to leave anybody hanging like what happened to Danny. He is here. He's alive. He's Well, he's doing amazing. And just as you said, Mariana, we have helped 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of people along the way as a result of those moments, those harder moments. And the truth is for all of us, that is possible. And that's why I'm so grateful for you. I'm so grateful that you're doing the work and that you're helping so many people and coaching people because they do need tools. And they do need the helpers. Because it doesn't come in the package. We don't get this. It's not how they live your best life manual doesn't come in the package and when things are going well, right, it's so easy to like dance and have fun, like we like to do and, and live in those moments. But in the harder moments, we really need tools, and we really need skills.

Mariana Thomas  19:35 
Absolutely, Dr. Jill.

Dr. Jill Kahn  19:38 
Yes, I'm grateful to you. So I'm gonna pivot. So another cool thing happened. And honestly, it's very tied into the bio cuz I don't speak about my work on clubhouse very often. Because to me, I feel like I'm volunteering. And it's a platform where I could help people. And I could just do it unconditionally, where I'm not asking for anything in return whatsoever. So, when I came to this clubhouse at first, I was like, What is this app? What is this thing? It's very confusing. There's anyone could be a teacher, anyone could present some kind of skill or knowledge or whatever. But the people in the audience come and go at any given moment. It's very movable. And I was like, how, how would you teach anything if anybody could come and go randomly at any given time? Because you can't do something where you need to hold that thought? So I was brainstorming what would actually help people if I'm gonna put my time into anything like you, it better helps people.

Mariana Thomas  21:34 

Dr. Jill Kahn  21:34 
So one of the things that I know is that people tend to focus on what's wrong to people tend to focus on the problems, people tend to think about, what if things go wrong? What if it doesn't work, and we worry, and we create these stories in our head. So I came up with a line. And I opened up a room and it was deliberately positioned to retrain the brain to start focusing on what's right. And the line was, "What went right today?" And that's the only thing that people needed to and they're like, what what do you mean, what went right? Like, yeah, I just wanted to know what went right to it first, they didn't know what to do with it. And then after a while, they loved it. And I'm watching the brains and the neural pathways of the brain forcing itself to because we're so programmed to look for what's wrong or save the complaint, and so forth and activity. So, right. So what went right today, so people will come into the room, and they would say anything, anything like what went right today, I got to play with a puppy I got I was tired, and I needed extra sleep. But no matter what they said, it didn't matter what they said, if they were struggling, they weren't struggling, I made it right. I said everything's right about being tired and honoring your body and listening to your innate intelligence. And, and, and knowing how to tap into that wisdom that lives within you. So whatever. They said I made it right, because everything's right about life, right. So as soon as they said, whatever they were saying, after they said that, I would affirm them. And I mean, like you and I affirm people. And I said, Of course, all these right things are happening to you and for you, because you're amazing, you're incredible. You're good, you're worthy, you're compassionate, you're and I could just go on and on and on. And people were loving it. And then one day, there was a young college student who was going through a lot of self-discovery. And I knew him, because, you know, we've been in a lot of rooms together and we'd be you know, we definitely became friends. And anyway, he was growing so much on the platform, people were reaching out, they were helping him it was a beautiful, beautiful young man. So he says that day, what went right for him that day, I don't even know what he said. He probably just said something, you know, everyday stuff, right? So I said to him, and I go, of course, all these things went right for you. Because you're good, you're kind you're wonderful, you're loving, you're compassionate, you're giving and I poured into him, and then I said this, it popped out of my mouth. And I said, and you know what, all these good things are happening to you. And I paused and I pause a very long time like this.

Dr. Jill Kahn  24:18 
I said because everything's right about you. Every single thing is right about you. And the young man gasped, he went Oh, because your children you said that I literally felt it into the center of my heart. And then what I noticed in the room I started doing it again and again and again. And everyone was feeling it. It was hitting truth and authentic truth in all the people so every time I kept saying because everything is right about you. So anyway, from that room, the room started growing and we started to make little pictures into like a logo, everything is right about you and I was seeing it build I was seeing it build. Somebody reached out to me and said, "Jill, something's going on here. That's very magical. There's something I think you need to look into this." So then I thought to myself, well, what if we, because I didn't like that the logo was there. But I couldn't see everybody's gorgeous faces. I said, What if we just create a ring around that maybe people would leave it around their face, and it would be affirming them and firming each other. And this positive message would start going out there, whether we were in that room or not? Well, as a result of that, you know, what happened. Took off like wildfire. And now 1000s, and 1000s of people on social media are using the rings, they're putting it on the platform of the platform for their children, everything is right about you. And we've partner now with Hello, Rod. And from the Miracle Morning, and Brianna Greenspan, and Michael O'Brien, from pause, be the reflection and we're going to we're not going to we are bringing all of these skills and tools and so forth into the schools where the underserved are. And honestly, it's taking off. And it's going to all the places and spaces on the planet, you know, there's somebody bringing it to villages and in Ghana, where in West Africa where there are more street children than ever before, and she has already brought up everything is right about you movement there, she's wrapping their faces in the frame, recruiting create work space is for people to create a product to sell their so they can make money and start jobs. So it's taken off, it's beautiful, I would love everybody to be involved in this movement because this is that, you know, it's an act of love. It's an act of goodness, because the world needs, the world needs light and love. And in a world that's so divided right now where everything feels like it's wrong, where the light where the sunshine, Mariana, you know, you and I and our community, where we're pouring in so much hope and positivity and self-assurance, radical self-confidence and self-love knowing were the right person in the right moment to take on the right challenge. And everything's right about us. And we can do hard things, or we could do from a place of strength and confidence and clarity and meet those moments head-on. And you know, I love to say, you know, we all admire Steve Jobs, because we're using his right the iPhone and all the different products that he made. And one of his favorites, his favorite quotes was, "I am going to make a dent in the planet." And we all remember that, well, one of my new favorite quotes are we're going to take the dent out of the planet are right that everything is right about you movement and keep helping all the people on the planet, all the people because the foundation of all learning is self-concept. And in a world where people feel so much self-doubt, feel so critical are measured against this comparison, itis and so forth. This is everything. This is where all learning this is where all empowerment comes from, is understanding that everything and I mean everything. And I mean, every single thing is right about each and every one of us on this planet.

Mariana Thomas  28:17 
Oh, I got that, Dr. Jill. I got it. Trust me. You know, while you were explaining this, I was just like literally my body, all my whole cells were like, Yes, yes, yes, yes inside of me because I can speak over you. But Dr. Yeoh the way you were playing in this movement, the way it came out? from someone telling you, I feel that in its center of my heart. I can't even imagine the feeling that you have at that moment. They what was possible after that, what is possible after that, in all these things that are happening right now is what's possible. You know, especially right now in the world with so much division and the world where there's so much fear. There are so many people that are confused about everything that's happening in the world, and especially for those that are young. You know, when we are little kids, we absorb everything. And we always think that everything that is happening around us is our fault. And this movement is going to let them know that everything is about is right about them. And everything that's happening around them is not their fault. It's not their fault and that everything is right about them. That's the most beautiful, beautiful movement, the world can have at this moment. And as so one, everyone that is listening to this episode today, to go to the show notes, and click on that link that you are going to find there. Become a member of this community, share with your friends with your families. If you know in a school that you know someone that is influential out there in the world, let them know about this moment I am so moved at this moment, Dr. Jill. Because, yes, I hear your voice through the clubhouse, but to see you explaining it, to me and to my audience the way you did, Dr. Jill, that's everything. That's as everything. And what I'm thinking right now is, you and I spoke about bringing this to the Spanish community. And we have to do this. Because there are so many people and you guys, you can hear my dog barking. So many people out there that speak other languages, probably don't know about this. We have to tell the whole world!

Dr. Jill Kahn  31:23 
We must do that, we must do that. And we're gonna figure out how to do that. Because it's so important. I want this and all the spaces in the places I want this as the foundation of learning I want this to be you know, so many schools now are taking the frames, it looks like a beautiful little sunshine. It's everything is right about you and little faces are in the middle. And they're putting it on the bulletin board. So when the kids come to school, they see everything is right about you all on the bulletin board. It's building self-confidence so we could do hard things because everything is right about you movement is not about sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows and we're not sitting around chasing butterflies, it's positioning us to know we're the right person on the planet we were born that way to take on life's hard moments. And we can do that we can do hard things we really can. But it's very hard to do that when we think that we're not the right person to do that, or we can't do that, that we don't have the ability

Mariana Thomas  32:19 
And now only down it just whatever is happening in our lives at that moment. You know, when we think of why this is happening to me, especially little kids, if they're not leaving in the right family at the moment, or there is something going on in their home, to know that everything is right about them. They whatever is going on around in their environment. It's not their fault. They didn't do anything about that situation. That everything is right about them. That's beautiful. I mean, where were you Dr. Jill, when I was 7 8 9 10 years old. 13 when I lost my mother, oh my god, I would have died to have something like this when I was 13 years old. So imagine what can happen right now for kids and adults with this movement. Dr. Jill, I'm in. I'm in.

Dr. Jill Kahn  33:30 
Every child's face, who doesn't you know, we're going to get the schools with the school pictures. You want your kids to come home like your gorgeous daughter with everything has right about you around them. And it's for all people, we have people taking it into the autistic community into the learning different community into cancer centers where children are struggling right now we're bringing this everywhere.

Mariana Thomas  33:54 
You made one for me and my daughter, remember? I sent that to her. I sent that to her. Yeah, you know, she's in another state. She's an adult now. I sent that to her and she was so happy to receive it, she's like "Mom, what is this?" I said, "Honey, this is from my friend, Dr. Jill, and everything is right about you. I want you to keep this." She was so excited to receive that picture. So thank you so much, Dr. Jill. So Dr. Jill, where can they find everything about this movement and about you? I know that everything is going to be on the show notes. But I want you to tell us, you know where can they find you?

Dr. Jill Kahn  34:38 
If you go to Instagram I have a link tree in my bio that has all the links for all the different things, the Facebook group, the clubhouse where you and I are there every day, together and talking about this and helping people and all the different places that join the newsletter and to get involved. You know, we're Looking for more people to become ambassadors because a movement is a message. It's a message and a message that we all stand behind. It doesn't belong to anybody. It's a message that's worth sharing. And it's a message that's worth hearing. And when people want to hear that they want to see people believe that about themselves so they can take on challenges they start, you know, with the flags, like, here we go. We're ready to go. So if anybody wants to join the movement, it's so positive. It's so uplifting the Facebook group we just started in a couple of weeks ago, there were already like, 700 people in there just fine.

Mariana Thomas  35:37 
I want to join. I haven't done that.

Dr. Jill Kahn  35:38 
Why not? Yes. And we just started, I think, like, three, three days ago, the clubhouse room, everything is right. And I think there are like 2500 people already in that club just organically because people love this. They want to help people, want to help people, want to help people and what better way to help people with assurance that you're the right person, the right moment to take on that right challenge. And we believe in you, we believe 100% in you and your capacity to do good things for yourself and for the world.

Mariana Thomas  36:12 
I love it. I love it. Okay, so Dr. Jill, all this is going to be on the show notes, you guys. But you know, the last question that I always present to my guests as this podcast is called Mindfully Recharged. So what is one tip that you can give to the audience so they can mindfully recharge themselves every single day?

Dr. Jill Kahn  36:39 
I love this question. Especially because you and I teach the Miracle Morning, every single morning on the clubhouse and the Miracle Morning is something that everybody could do where you wake up a little bit early, and you pour into yourself, you invest in yourself a little bit with an acronym called the savers. And the saver stands for silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing. And when you have it stack at meaning do more than once in the morning. People start to be happier, they have better days, their cup is full. They get from abundance, not deprivation. And it really starts that day on a positive note. So that's what I'm gonna recommend since you and I teach it together every single morning at 8:30 am. Eastern Standard Time on the clubhouse in the Miracle Morning club and I am so grateful for that club and Brianna Greenspan and all the great work that she's doing every single day in the clubhouse but off of clubhouse, she's a very strong leader, we are working hand in hand on a lot of this to really keep helping the children and all the people in the world.

Mariana Thomas  37:55 
Absolutely love it. And the audience knows Brianna. Brianna was a guest on the podcast before so there is an episode there that you guys can go back and listen to the wonderful Brianna and, and just get to know her even more. That is beautiful, dirty. Do you know how much we love the savers and we practice our savers every single day we teach there every single day together, which is been absolutely amazing? So thank you for that reminder to the audience, that that is one way to mindfully recharge every single day. So they can make their day even better. And dream and visualize and affirmance me inside them with all these beautiful, yummy things that we, you and I and the whole community that we have in our house that is with us. I absolutely love having you here today. Dr. Yeoh, thank you so much. Any final words before we say goodbye today?

Dr. Jill Kahn  39:05 
Well, I just want to say this is so awesome to connect with you on your podcast and to be able to reach out and meet more people in your community. And I'm just so grateful for any moments shared. It's truly a blessing. So thank you, thank you so much for having me.

Mariana Thomas  39:24 
Oh, thank you for that to do for a second invitation. And you know, and blessing us with all the goodness that you have to give to this world. So with that, guys, we are done for today. Thank you for listening and make sure you share this episode with your friends, your families, and anyone that you come across, and remember to mindfully recharge every single day. See you on the next episode. Bye Bye, everyone.

Outro  39:54 
Thank you for listening everyone. And don't forget to go to the show notes. A click to download your free mindful and energetic living guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, your families, and everyone out there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So thank you for your support and I'll see you next time.