Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas

How to Release Stored Stress From Your Body

August 19, 2021 Mariana Thomas Season 3 Episode 35
Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas
How to Release Stored Stress From Your Body
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Stress is everywhere. Our minds and bodies store stress from external factors every day, and this stored stress can cause illnesses and slow you down from reaching your goals.

You are in control of how you will handle stress in your life. Believe me, I've been handling stress every day in my life and the results helped me be a happier and more productive version of myself.
In this episode, I'm sharing with you how stored stress affects your mind and body every day and how to release this stress and tension. I will also give you tips and a quick exercise that you can do to loosen up your mind and body and help you welcome positivity in your life.
 Episode 35 at a glance...

  • How stored stress can affect your everyday life 
  • Ways to release tension in your mind and body
  • How meditation and yoga can clear your head
  • Benefits of deep breathing
  • A quick exercise to help you release stress

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Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast, Mariana brings you mindful conversations and people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.


Mariana Thomas 00:23

Hello, and welcome everyone. This is your host, Mariana Thomas. Welcome to the Mindfully Recharged podcast. I’m so sorry about my voice. It’s a little raspy today, and yeah, I had been a little bit under the weather. I’m hoping that this will go away soon. But here it is guys. The world is very stressed out right now. I feel that everybody is just going through a lot. And I had been sitting in meditation a lot, and listening, and observing. Being in the quiet definitely gives you perspective. You can hear more when you are in silent, and I had been doing that a lot. And what I hear, when I’m not in silent, and I go on and listen to people and observe, and maybe watch just a little bit of TV, I don’t watch the TV much these days. 


Mariana Thomas 1:42

And my diagnosis is that a lot of people are under a lot of stress. So, I wanted to talk about that today. And even myself, you know, going through this is like, “Oh my God, when am I going to have my voice back?” I am so tired of a raspy voice. But yeah, if it’s gonna be this way, I guess it’s gonna be this way. But I’m not gonna dwell in it. So, let’s talk about how to release stored stress from your body. Because I had been asking myself that question when I meditate. It’s the first thing that I ask myself, “Okay, where do I feel a little tensed?”, “What is my body telling me?” You know, your body talks to you, right? You just gotta listen. You gotta be intentional with it. 


Mariana Thomas 2:54

And so, I ask myself this question the other day, and the answer is that stress can really affect the body. And it’s one of the biggest causes of your physical pain and chronic health conditions. You know, like I told you guys when I was back in my corporate job for twelve years, you know at the end I was so stressed out, and that my health was suffering. So, I see a lot of people going through a lot of that right now. And I wanted to speak into this. So, the body does not flourish so well when it’s under stress. It really doesn’t. And you know, one thing that I realized, is it is not only the external stress, but it’s actually the internal stress. You know, like going through this, that I am going through right now is like, when I sit in silence and I go, “Oh my God,” Okay, talk to my body, I talk to my body again and talk to my body again and when I don’t see the results coming faster, you get a little anxious, a little stressed out. You’re like “Okay, enough of this,” and you may experience symptoms, you know, in your body that you never see like muscle tightness. You know, I’m a very flexible person.

Mariana Thomas 4:44

But when you are stressed out, your body gets really tensed and tight. You may get some headaches as well, chest pain, and even insomnia. You know, because you are having that monkey mind that never stops, keeps going and going, and so you are not focused on getting a good night’s sleep. But you’re focused on whatever is happening in your mind, whatever the thoughts that are coming through, and you are trying to resolve problems when that is not the time to do that. Everything has the time. You know, a day to do that kind of stuff. It is really necessary to learn how to release this stored stress from your body in order to prevent these problems from getting worse. You know, and that’s why I meditate so much.  


Mariana Thomas 5:56

You know, I do a morning meditation, and sometimes I do self-hypnosis and nighttime meditation. You know, to help me to release whatever is tensing my body, and my mind, and my heart. So, I can rest, so I can have a good night’s sleep. And there are many ways that you can do this, including you know, what I just mentioned, meditation. You can even do yoga, which I do as much as I can every single day, right now and always. I have been doing it for over twenty-one years. But one of the easiest ways is through deep breathing.   


Mariana Thomas 6:55

The next time that you feel stressed out, try taking a few minutes for yourself and focus on your breath. And this is one thing that I tell myself every single morning. You know, as soon as I wake up, I wake up in gratitude and do my affirmations. And even, well I’m going through gratitude and affirmation, I’m breathing. I’m focused on my breath, and sometimes I do alternating nostrils breath, which is really really good. Just to kind of see which side of my nostrils is waking up a little congested, and it needs to be opened up, so I can breathe more. You know and then I just kind of touch my lungs and feel the amount of breath, and just send it out to the universe. And I believe that when we inhale, we inhale all the things that we want for ourselves. And then when we exhale, we give those things back. Because it’s about receiving and giving and giving and receiving. Both sides. 


Mariana Thomas 8:31

So, this will help get rid of any tension that has built up in your muscles, you know, over time. So, you can feel more relaxed, and even happier. When I wake up in the morning, and I notice that both of my nostrils are open, that makes me happier. When I feel like one is a little more congested, I’m like “Okay, let’s work on that. Let’s work on that.” And I don’t stop until it’s, you know, it’s open and breathing better, and that makes me really happy. Because I can breathe a little better. You know, the human body, is not designed to be in a chronic state of stress. Unfortunately, a lot of us go through stuff and we live in chronic stress, some more than others. Maybe that’s you. Ask yourself that question. Ask yourself that question. 


Mariana Thomas 9:49

Once again, it is important that you learn how to release this stored tension from your mind and your body. So, I’m gonna give you a quick exercise for you to do, and you can do this anytime throughout the day. You decide what fits your schedule, but the first thing is, you know, this is something that I do as soon as I wake up in the morning is that I stretch my arms out to the side and up, and I twist them in a circular motion. So, I’m just kind of waking up my spine. You know, waking up my body, and even as I connect with heaven, you know, and my breath, and my affirmations, my gratitude, I’m stretching my arms up, releasing whatever it is that you got a little tense when you’re in bed. 


Mariana Thomas 11:04

So, that’s the first thing. The second thing is to place one hand on top of the other, palms facing up, oh I mean, palms facing down, and gently push against each other. So, one top of the other, and gently push against each other. That’s another exercise. It’s kind of stretching your arms, you know, we don’t even know what your hands are doing when you are asleep, so that’s gonna open them up. The third thing is, tilt your head back as far as it goes, without causing any pain, obviously, and just bring it back. So, you start waking up your neck area, and don’t forget to breathe when you do this. I was actually doing it right now as I was telling you guys. And then the fourth one is begin with a deep breath in through the nose and exhale fully through pursed lips. So, you can just through your pursed lips. That’s kind of a cleansing breath. And you can even open your mouth a little bit more if you want to, just got to deep inhale through your nose, exhale through the mouth. You can do this about three, four times even up to five and then start breathing in and out through your nose. 


Mariana Thomas 12:56

Then, you’ll kind of take a deep breath in, this is number five. So, take another deep breath in, and then release it slowly while pushing your stomach out like you’re about to blow up, you know a balloon until all air is gone from your lungs. Okay, so push it out and then exhale. There you go, there you go. And that is how you do that number five. The other way that I love doing, you know in yoga, usually, we do the stomach breathing. In pilates, as you guys know, I am also a Pilates teacher, we do it through the lungs. We really focus on opening the airways on our lungs, so touching and pressing your hands on your lungs the same thing, you can just fill them up with air, and then closing in as you exhale. Think about it like an elevator door, so inhale is opening, opening, opening, and exhale, you close the elevator until it’s completely closed. So, you’re kind of closing your rib cage, okay? 


Mariana Thomas 14:36

Number six, repeat four, six, I mean four to five times even six if you want to, or until you feel relaxed. You know, until you feel like you can continue with whatever activity you are doing before feeling stressed out. Okay? So, these are the things that I want to talk to you about today, quick exercise to release stress from the body. Once again, I apologize about my voice. I wish it was clear, but I am going to breathe, I’m going to be patient, I’m going to listen to my body, and I hope that you do the same. So, remember, we are going through challenging times, and some are external, and all the ones are internal. So, we have to work on both. Okay? So, we can balance, or we can create harmony, I like that word better for me, harmony in our mind, and our heart, and our body. 


Mariana Thomas 16:03

So, first, stretch your arms. Second, place one hand on top of the other, you can go back and listen to what it is. Third, tilt your head back, four, begin with a deep breath, five, take another deep breath, six, repeat four, five, or six times, whatever you want to do, the same thing, until you feel completely relaxed. Okay? You’re feeling that stress kind of left you. Okay? That’s what you want.


Mariana Thomas 16:42

So, let me know your thoughts on this episode. I know it’s short, and I hope that you can hear, and understand everything I said because the voice is not there. But I wanted to push myself today and come to you authentically and be intentional and add value to you. So, I hope that this added some value. Please share this episode, share this podcast and I will see you on the next episode. Thank you, everyone, have a great day. Bye-bye.  



Mariana Thomas 17:30

Thank you for listening everyone. And don't forget to go to the show notes and click to download your free Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, your families, and everyone out there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So, thank you for your support, and I'll see you next week.