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Maintaining Your Performance Without Burning Out.

April 14, 2022 Mariana Thomas Season 4 Episode 63
Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas
Maintaining Your Performance Without Burning Out.
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When we want to be more productive, some of us tend to push ourselves to work harder than we usually do and perform non-stop. That way, we think that we can accomplish things faster. Thus, we make working non-stop our routine. What people with this kind of attitude don’t usually notice is that when we don’t take breaks, we experience burnout. Burnout is never helpful and it does more damage to our bodies and our productivity. 

In this episode, I discuss the effects of burnout on our performance and even our health. I share here my experiences when I used to work in the corporate world and how my non-stop performance affected me. Most importantly, I will give you 12 guidelines on how to maintain your performance without burning out.

Have a listen, my friends!


Episode 63 at a glance…

  • My corporate world experiences
  • How burnout affects our health and performance
  • Paying attention to the signs our bodies are showing
  • The importance of self-care
  • Maintaining our performance without burning out:
  1. Understanding your limits
  2. Taking regular breaks
  3. Healthy eating habits
  4. Getting plenty of sleep
  5. Being mindful of our posture
  6. Finding and doing activities you enjoy outside of work
  7. Seeking help from others
  8. Relaxation and de-stressing
  9. Avoiding late-night working
  10. Learning how to say ‘no’ (Listen to Episode 22 Stop Saying 'Yes' When You Want to Say 'No' here.)
  11. Asking for a raise or promotion you deserve
  12. Seeking out a mentor or a coach


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Mariana Thomas  0:00  

Hello, my friends welcome back to the Mindfully Recharged Podcast with your host, Mariana Thomas. This episode is very close to my heart and I was debating on how to name it and how to call this episode, and here it is, Maintaining Your Performance without Burning Out. That's it, Maintaining Your Performance without Burning Out. This is very close to my heart. Let's get to the episode. Let's not waste any time. See you there.


Intro Speaker  0:44  

Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast, Mariana brings you mindful conversations with people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.


Mariana Thomas  1:04  

Welcome, my friends. This is your host, Mariana Thomas, and today's episode, Maintaining Your Performance without Burning Out. This episode is very close to my heart. I was having a really hard time naming this episode and it kind of came to me the other day when I was scrolling through social media just a little bit, I don't do that pretty often. I was looking at, you know, at those who are always working, working, working really hard and trying to perform 24/7 without getting rest, taking care of themselves, and it brought bad memories. 


Mariana Thomas  1:54  

You know, if you guys remember episodes one, two, and three, where I share my life and my story, obviously is not my whole life. It is a lot of me from when I was born and everything that I had gone through up until now. There are obviously many other things that I haven't shared that are not possible in three episodes. 


Mariana Thomas  2:22  

One of the things that I share there, and if you go back and listen, is my time in my corporate job, in the corporate world where I was working 24/7, non-stop and according to me, I was taking care of myself, but I really wasn't. It was really devastating how my health, my state of mind, and my well-being were compromised. So I come to realize that without your health, which is my first value, without your mind, your heart, your body, being in harmony, nothing, nothing can function you can get from an empty can which I keep telling you guys the same thing over and over again, and hopefully, one day, you'll get it. 


Mariana Thomas  3:28  

So that's why it's so important for you to avoid burnout, because it can leave us, it can leave you to health problems just like it did to me and it decreases your productivity and can even cause you and cause others and just as it did to me, to leave their jobs, because you have to pay yourself first. So we must pay attention to these symptoms, that we pay attention to the signs that our body is giving us that maybe our family is trying to tell us or friends, you have to pay attention to all that because within that is the answer, that something is wrong. 


Mariana Thomas  4:29  

There are a few things that people can do to avoid burnout. You know, and you know you can take place in what are the most important things obviously is self-care and I will say the one more important thing is to set those boundaries, which I didn’t have, I had no boundaries when I was in my corporate job. I mean, when someone needed me, I was there. If I needed to stretch myself to just surprise my goal, I was there. If I needed to be there Saturday, and Sunday at midnight to check to make sure the budget was in, to make sure my team was doing what they're supposed to do. I was there. There were days when we close the month and I was there closing them at midnight, we'll come home by 12:30 or one, actually more than more like 1 am and I was back up already at five in the morning, or 4:30 because sometimes I needed to be at my office at 5:30. So that was not healthy at all. 


Mariana Thomas  5:57  

So today, I want to talk about the things that we can do without burning out so we can maintain that performance. You know, I like to perform, you guys, I like to win. I've always been one of those that has been always achieving things and I like to overachieve and I also kind of go above and beyond sometimes, you know, I need to have that reminder that is about harmony. I had them way much better. I’m very mindful now, especially now that I am on my mindfulness journey. As you guys know, I'm almost finished with my mindfulness certification and I have been in the health and wellness industry, and personal growth, you know, self-leadership for a long time. So mindfulness of your health is important and mindfulness of your physical and mental health is important. 


Mariana Thomas  7:12  

So today, there are a few things that people can do to avoid burnout, right and so I'm going to give you some of those. I will say I, a lot of them because I am super, I would say crazy about this topic and I would love for you to take notes, I'll pay really good attention if you're listening right now. If you are, in that situation, if you get the signs that you are burning out, please, please take notes on this. 


Mariana Thomas  7:52  

So the first thing that I want you to think about is understanding your limits, and how you can push yourself without going so too far. You know, without going too far, on whatever you are doing. You have to understand your limits. This is a deeper work that you need to do to push yourself, “How far can I go?” You know, how far can you go and really be mindful with that, you know, one of the things that I keep reminding myself is how much mindfulness is helping me with this type of thing. So keep that in mind and always reach out if you need help.


Mariana Thomas  8:40  

The second thing is to take regular breaks, you know, throughout the day. Even if you don't like it, you don't feel like you need them, do it. You know I remember going straight, sometimes 12, 14 hours a day, and I will eat literally in the middle of doing something so there was really no break. So taking regular breaks throughout the day is really important. You're giving your body and your mind a rest. You know for going, going going, and when it comes to taking breaks, you must step away from work now and then to recharge and that's what I say even if you don't feel like it, do it. 


Mariana Thomas  9:40  

So one of the things that I didn't do was to step away, I will eat out you know sitting on my desk and checking an email or doing something that requires work. That is not a break. You know, and so this can be something as simple as taking a walk, you know, around the block around your office, you know, go grab a tea with a friend, you know, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever that is. And it is also important to take days of vacations, take vacation days and use them, you know, use them. I used to take PTO, you know, that was paid time off. So it means that you were still working while on vacation. Did that make any sense to you guys? I mean, think about it. That is not a vacation, you’re getting paid for your vacation time, but you're not on vacation, because you're working. Yes, that's what PTO means. Pay time off. Okay, you get it when you're still working. That's not a break. So taking some time off is going to help you to come back feeling refreshed, and ready to take on whatever your day or your week or whatever it is that’s coming your way, with your job, everything that you're doing, you are going to feel like “Let’s go, let's do this!”. What happens when you keep on working, even if you get the money, you know, you get paid, you're not enjoying your vacation, you're not even enjoying the pay because you're working. When I think about it, it almost makes me a little uncomfortable, just the feeling of it, that I did that for so many years. I'm not saying that I never took a vacation. I’m just saying that I did that too many times. 


Mariana Thomas  12:08  

The other thing is number three, I'll say eat healthy foods that will give you sustained energy throughout the day. I used to feed myself with protein bars, protein cookies, protein shakes, and on and on and on. 


Mariana Thomas  12:30  

I remember I was with a client and I will be showing a protein bar or drinking a protein shake, or a protein cookie, full of sugar and full of garbage but because it will say healthy in the package or whatever you would think it was. I was killing myself. You know, of course, I needed some time to sit down and eat a meal, and sometimes most of the time I did not have the time. So that was easy to do. Right, so you are not getting the healthy food that you need. So I was eating lots of bad things. Even though you would think, protein shake. Oh my God. A protein bar was supposed to be healthy but not. No. Bad, bad, bad. Okay. So pay attention to that. 


Mariana Thomas  13:35

Make sure that you do take your breaks throughout the day. So that includes your breakfast and lunch, and if you work down to even dinnertime like I was, take that time to eat your dinner. Okay and choose healthy foods that are going to give nutrients to your body. You know it's going to sustain you with energy throughout the day. You know I was crouching sometimes but I will keep going. You know I will keep on going because I needed to accomplish many things. 


Mariana Thomas  14:16

Next one. Get plenty of sleep so your body can recover from the day's work. Guys, I used to come home after dinner sometimes and when I will come home to eat dinner, it will be like seven eight. You know, by the time I will sit down will be like 8:30 by that time I was ready to organize everything and has some time to me. It will be real when I will finally get to bed and I will get up early in the morning. There was not a good amount of sleep and probably not good sleep, right, because when you are stressed out and burnout, probably, you're not resting well and when you're thinking about all the things you got to do and the things you got to perform, you just got a lot going on and so your mind is cluttered, your mind is busy, and there's not a good rest. So sleep is important. Set those boundaries of sleeping time. And that's it. 


Mariana Thomas  15:36  

Okay, the next one is to be mindful of your posture. Yeah, believe it or not, when you take those breaks throughout the day, move around, maybe stretch, you know, you're probably gonna feel a little stiff, because you've been sitting in your office, looking at the computer, maybe in meetings talking to your team, a team member has an issue that you got to resolve, and all those types of things when you lead people. Okay, and even if you don't lead people, you’re leading projects, you're just taking on things that you got to get done. Period. It’s simple. So be mindful of how you're sitting down, how your posture is, and how you are walking. All those things are important because guess what, and it starts even giving you depression because you are just not in a good posture with your body. Okay, not good at all. So stretch, move around, stretch your body, raise your arms, and do whatever you need to do. 


Mariana Thomas  16:52  

Okay, the next one, and I was thinking it is number six, find an activity or a hobby that you enjoy outside of work so you can have something to look forward to. That was a big mistake that I made because I didn't do any of this. Why? Because I was so burned out that when the weekend would come, and by the way, I only have like a day and a half, for me, that was not enough, you guys, I didn’t even have the time to do bank visits or anything they would require for other people to be open because I was working during that time. So a day and a half weren't enough and sometimes, it was always just a day off. So no time for hobbies or connecting with friends because I was just too tired. I did not want to do anything after work, I wanted to just rest, lay on my couch, and do nothing. That's not healthy. So find something, an activity that you can enjoy, after work, after you are done. Hopefully, have a good time of the day on a Friday, if you are nine to five, whatever you do, if you are an entrepreneur, even more, because we tend to work a little bit more. So be mindful of that. Okay, and really do an activity that is going to release that strength and is going to move your state of mind in a different direction and you're just going to forget about everything else and focus on Yourself.


Mariana Thomas  18:46  

Okay, number seven, seek help from others when you are struggling, and don't be afraid to ask for help. I never asked for help, you guys. When I was going through this, I just suffer all by myself and that's so wrong because sometimes we think we can handle everything on our own. And that's not true. It is really natural. So don't be afraid to ask for help. 


Mariana Thomas  19:22  

Number eight, make sure to schedule a time for yourself each day to relax and de-stress and I'm not talking about the little breaks that you're taking during your work time. I'm talking about a time when you do something to de-stress. So maybe go to a meditation class, right during the weekend. I’m not saying go to that class every single day but you can meditate every day for at least 5-10 minutes. You know, and if you want to do it at work, that's fine, but make that time that you do something that is going to de-stress you and a specific activity that is designed for that. Okay? 


Mariana Thomas  20:15  

And number nine, avoid working too late like I was doing at night because this can lead to burnout. 


Mariana Thomas  20:24  

Okay, number 10. Learn how to say no and go back to that episode where I talked about the power to say no, I believe that's the name it’s there in the show notes, so find it, you know, if you feeling overwhelmed, and try not to take on more than you can handle. Okay, so the power of saying no is important because if we say yes to everything, we are saying no to ourselves.


Mariana Thomas  20:59  

Number 11. Don't be afraid to ask for a raise or a promotion if you feel that you deserve it. Yes, because guess what? You’re probably thinking why is this one part of burnout? You know, I’m feeling like I can still perform and avoid burning out. Yeah, because if you feel like you are not being paid for what you deserve, that's gonna give you some type of stress and you're going to feel down, you're going to feel depressed, you're gonna feel like you're not worthy. So asking for this is part of that. Okay, so don't even think about it, just do it. 


Mariana Thomas  21:47  

This one is so important and I wish that you should do it soon enough. Seek out a mentor or a coach who can help you to navigate your career. Yes, I had a very stressful role. You know, and I was doing so well and I think I am a great leader, at least, I tell myself that and I got some great compliments when I was in my corporate job but you always need someone to help you. You always need someone who can listen to you, who can have you think about the questions that you're asking yourself, and lead you in the right direction. So find a coach or a mentor, that is important, and remember that I'm one. 


Mariana Thomas  22:50  

Okay, so we've already talked about vacations, but really, I wanted to repeat this one, because that one is so important. You know, start taking those PTO times when just keep on working but be sure to take your vacation days, use them to recharge and rejuvenate. Okay, that is so, so important. And while you are on those vacations, you can, you know, try some techniques or relaxation, you can do yoga and you can do all these things that are amazing for you. Okay, and remember to keep a positive attitude. Okay, setbacks are temporary. Okay, I felt like I had a big setback when I got sick and I ended up in things that would not do for me. Keep a positive attitude and remember that setbacks are temporary. Okay, they will happen when you're going through this situation, but they are going to pass.


Mariana Thomas  24:10  

Make sure you take care of your physical health, make sure you exercise, make sure you create a healthy lifestyle, and don't forget to enjoy the journey. Okay, it's really important to remember that burnout is not something that's going to be forever, it's not permanent. So if you're feeling burned out right now, if you are feeling burnt out, it's important to take some time for yourself so you can recover. Okay, so you can recover from this. Remember that your physical health is also important when it comes to preventing burnout. So make sure to move, make sure you find an activity that is going to be helpful for you. So self-care, right? Self-care is crucial in avoiding burnout and this can be in different things for different people. Right? These are important self-care, the things that we already spoke about, like eating well, you know, like getting enough sleep, healthy eating, like I just mentioned, you know, finding a hobby, all those things are self-care. 


Mariana Thomas  25:34  

And finally, I want to repeat, because this was one that I didn't have, setting those boundaries because it's a real key to avoiding burnout. This is the real key. It really is. This means learning to say no when you are feeling overwhelmed and when you feel like it's too much coming your way. Please, no is saying yes to you. It is okay to ask for help. If you need to delegate, delegate, but don't take on too much. Okay, burnout can be a serious issue, my friends, but it's something that can be avoided with a little bit of effort. 


Mariana Thomas  26:23  

So if you're feeling burnt out again, and overwhelmed, take a step back, take that step back and assess what you can do, take care of yourself, and I hope that you can implement some of the tips involved that can help you to avoid this burnout, that can help you to healthier, happier, and fulfilling life and keep your stress levels under control because stress is one of the number one killers in this world. It can damage your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, everything. 


Mariana Thomas  27:12  

So this episode was created for you, listeners, and even for me, to remind me and to remind you that you are the most important person in your life. And you need to put yourself first to avoid burnout. So you can put everything that you got into orders. So you can give, you can add value, you can enjoy your life, and you can do everything that you desire. 


Mariana Thomas  27:51  

So that my friends, it is for today. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Please share it with your friends and families. Comment, spread, you know, add this to your queue every single week, and make sure that you give us a five-star review. I would love for you to do that for us so we can keep adding value to people just the way I envisioned myself. And with that, have a fantastic rest of your day and I will see you on the next episode. Bye-bye friends. 


Mariana Thomas  28:30  

Thank you for listening everyone and don't forget to go to the show notes and click to download your FREE Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, your families, and everyone up there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So thank you for your support, and I'll see you next week.

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Podcast Intro
The Effects of Burnout on Performance and Health
Understanding Your Limits
Taking Regular Breaks throughout the Day
Healthy Eating Habits'
Getting Enough Sleep
Minding Your Posture
Finding a Hobby
Seeking Help from Others
Relaxation and De-stressing
Working Late at Night
Learning to Say 'No"
Asking for a Raise or a Promotion
Seeking Out a Mentor