Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas

The Importance of Finding The Real You to Cultivate Inner Peace.

March 10, 2022 Mariana Thomas Season 4 Episode 58
Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas
The Importance of Finding The Real You to Cultivate Inner Peace.
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What we all want, especially with what's happening in the world today, is peace. Peace starts within ourselves; We have to be at peace with ourselves. One way to do this is to find our authentic selves.  It can be a very difficult process. It requires a lot of soul searching and reflection, but its worth is more than what you can imagine.

In this episode, I discuss the importance of finding the real you and guide you to start on this difficult journey. I share the most important questions that you have to ask to reflect on the right things to focus on in finding yourself.

Let’s get to the episode!

Episode 58 at a glance…

  • Being at peace with yourself.
  • Being influenced by the things that make you grow.
  • The questions you have to ask yourself to find the real you.
  • Setting high standards for yourself.
  • Our continuously evolving and growing selves.
  • Embracing the real you.
  • The real you as your best self.


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Mariana Thomas  0:00  

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Mindfully Recharged podcasts. This is your host, Mariana Thomas. In today's episode, The Importance of Finding the Real You to Cultivate Inner Peace. Yes, I love this topic. This is going to be short and sweet, my friends, you are going to like it, hopefully. I decided to create this because it is so important to find ourselves. So without further ado, let's get to the episode. See you there.


Speaker  00:43  

Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast. Mariana brings you mindful conversations with people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.


Mariana Thomas  01:03  

Hello, friends, and welcome back. Today's episode, The Importance of Finding the Real You to Cultivate Inner Peace. You know, it's really important, especially, I don't know, I hope it is important to you, but it is for me to find myself, to make sure that I am at peace with myself, and one of the ways to do that is to find you, to find yourself so you know exactly who you are. Finding the real you can be a very difficult thing to do. It's not easy, my friends, it's not easy, trust me on that. It can require a lot of soul searching, and reflection and this is the reason why I wanted to do this short and sweet episode about this topic. 


Mariana Thomas  02:09

Me, at the moment, I am working on myself and doing the soul research, and working on myself is not easy, it's very challenging, but it is worth it. Yes, my friends, it is weight worthy. When you find the real you, you will be able to tap into your authentic self. Not that you haven't been authentic, but I'm talking about the deeper self, the one that you still don't know that you think you know, but you don't, and when you do that, you can live a more fulfilling life and a happier one, and that is what we all want, right? Finding the real you is important because it cultivates inner peace. Especially these days, my friends, a lot is going on in the world, and I think that what we all want at the moment is peace, but this starts within. Start with yourself. The real you is the person that is authentic to themselves, and sometimes, yeah, this we can see now with everything that's going, that sometimes the authentic self is not as good as we would like to be. All other people perceive us, but it is important to be authentic, and underneath all the things that we show on the outside are the real beautiful you. 


Mariana Thomas  04:22

I believe that everyone has a heart. Not that you don't have one tangible, not the tangible way, I'm talking about the self heart, the kind heart, the innocent heart. It is underneath all the clutter and the things that we haven't found yet, and that is the work that needs to be done. I think that when our hearts are cluttered in our minds, in all the belief systems, they have been implanted deep into us. It's a problem. You know, you can be your best self. You can’t if you are not at peace. You cannot be your best self, if you are not at peace with yourself, because the most important person that we need to be at peace with is ourselves. 


Mariana Thomas 05:37

The real you is the person that is our authentic, authentic, and I'm repeating that because I want you to implant that in your mind. You know, they are influenced by what others think of them. When you find the real you, you are not influenced by others because you know exactly who you are, you know exactly your values, you know you’re genius, and you know exactly what you bring to the world. You won't be able to be influenced by the bad things in this world. You will be influenced by the things that make you grow into the things that you already are. When you find yourself, you will be at peace with who you are and who and what you stand for, and those, my friends have no price.


Mariana Thomas 07:03

If you are not sure, you know, and you say, “Okay, so how? What are the questions that I should be asking myself to know how to find myself?”. Well, first of all, make sure that you work with someone, that you find a coach or mentor that is guiding you because, if you're still, you know, kind of lost at the moment, it’s because you haven't been able to do it on your own, and yes, I'm a coach, but I have a coach. I have a mentor, and you always have to make sure that you have one, but the question that you should ask right now to know a little bit more about yourself is what makes you happy. 


Mariana Thomas 07:57

Ask yourself that question, “What makes me happy?”. What are your passions? “What is my passion or what are my passions?”, and wait for the answer, and the third question that you may ask yourself is, what do you value the most in your life? You know, I truly believe that you are led by your values, and those values are going to create a roadmap to your life because when you have high standards for yourself, whatever your values are, you're not gonna allow other things to interfere with your goals, or whatever the roadmap is for you, and once you have a better understanding of who you are, you can start living a more authentic life like I just told you. You will always be looking for something new to learn about yourself as you continue to grow and change. So that’s the real you. 


Mariana Thomas 09:22

The real you will always be seeking for more, and I'm not talking just about material things. I’m talking about finding yourself to working on yourself growing from the inside out. “What else is out there for me?”, because remember, change is the only constant, and even when you find the real you, you're still going to change. The real you is going to continue to evolve. You don't stay the same, but you do stay true to your values, and that is important. It’s an ever-evolving process that requires exploration and self-reflection, but my friends,  it never expires. It never expires because you are always evolving and growing. Once you find the real you, and even when you are in the process of looking and discovering yourself. So the more you know about yourself, the better equipped you will be to handle life's challenges, and let me tell you something. You are going to be challenged in life many times over. I’m telling you that it’s the truth.


Mariana Thomas 11:12

I am being challenged right now as I continue to grow and evolve in my life, and I know that in that process, I’m finding who I am for real and that my authentic self is good enough. Then, I can get through anything, right, I know who I am, and I know that the thing is that I am discovering and the things that I am going through. I’m hoping to get there, and I want the same for you, but you got to start the journey. So if you still don't know who you are, and you still don't know what you should be doing in this world, and maybe you are doing something there, sometimes you scratch your head and you ask yourself, and I was scratching my head as I was saying that, and you ask yourself, “Is this what I should be doing? Is this what’s making me happy? “. Remember those questions. You know, “Is this part of my values? Hmm, maybe maybe, maybe not.”. To find out who the real you are and embrace it.


Mariana Thomas 12:53

The real you is the best self,  your best higher self, and it’s someone wanting to get to know you. You are going to be so happy when you get to know the real you. You're going to be like, “Welcome. Where have you been all my life?”, when you go and do the work deep inside, and don't quit in the middle of it. Okay, because finding yourself is like real hard homework. You know, remember when you were in school, or you were in college, and you had this huge project, and you have to get up in the middle of the night and maybe study or prepare for the next day? Well, it's something like that. You do have homework to do to find yourself, to discover who you are, to know what are those ingredients that you are missing, or what are those ingredients that need to be in your life for you to be the real you. So my friends, don't be afraid to do that homework. Don't be afraid to find out who you are because, in the end, you will be so satisfied that you did, and the whole challenge thing will be so worth it. 


Mariana Thomas 14:41

So for that, let me remind you of the three questions, simple questions that you should be asking yourself right now. What makes you happy? What are your passions? What do you value the most in your life? Compare that with the things that you are doing right now. Maybe with the friends that you are hanging out with, with the people that you consider a mentor or a coach, are they are the right ones for you? Is that the roadmap that you should be following? Answer those questions and get on the road to find yourself.


Mariana Thomas 15:28

I hope this episode was valuable to you, my friends. I hope this episode was helpful in your journey to finding the real you, and remember, while it is important to set big and ambitious, and audacious goals for yourself, one of the most important goals that you should set up is to find the real you so you can fly to higher levels of success from the inside out, so you can recharge and mindfully live your life. 


Mariana Thomas 16:12

I want to remind you to head to the show notes and grab your free 2022 Mindful Goal Guide, right there on the show notes. Download that. Start working on yourself, and also sign up for the free, that's not free, that's my pay program. Sign up for my 8-week waitlist pay program coming up. Okay, but download your free 2022 Mindful Goal Guide. With that my friends, I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day and have the best fun finding the best you. Have a great day. 


Mariana Thomas 17:07

Thank you for listening everyone, and don't forget to go to the show notes and click to download your FREE Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, families, and everyone up there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So thank you for your support, and I'll see you next week.