Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas

Habits Holding Your Back From Success "Part 2"

February 24, 2022 Mariana Thomas Season 4 Episode 56
Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas
Habits Holding Your Back From Success "Part 2"
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When we are not aware of the habits that hold us back from succeeding, we do not take charge of them. When we start to recognize these habits, on the other hand, we will get rid of what is not helping and finally do what is right to successfully get to where we really want to be.

In this episode, as part two of the Habits That Are Holding You Back From Success 2-part series,  I discuss another eight habits from last episode. 

I'm  also sharing some of my own experiences with these habits and how I overcame them.

Let’s get to the episode!

Episode 56 at a glance...

  • Staying within your comfort zone.
  • Wanting to perfectly do everything.
  • Waiting for the right time to do something.
  • Keeping bad spending habits.
  • Overlooking the importance of persistence.
  • Getting too attached and not letting go.
  • Not getting the opportunity to educate yourself.
  • Keeping yourself from asking questions.

See you on the next episode!

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Mariana Thomas  00:00  

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Mindfully Recharged Podcast with your host, Mariana Thomas, and today's episode, part two of Habits That Are Holding You Back From Succeeding. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I hope that you enjoyed Part One. I'm excited about this episode. So without further ado, let's get to it.

Podcast Intro  00:29  

Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas, in this podcast Mariana brings you mindful conversations with people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.

Mariana Thomas  00:49  

Welcome back, guys. Okay, let's continue what we started in part one. In part one, we went over the habits that are holding us back from success. Okay, so remember, with the eight in part one, let's go over the next package, and that is eight more habits that are holding us back from succeeding.

Mariana Thomas 01:20

You know, it's really important to understand that everything that we do in our lives is created by habits, and habits can either move us forward, or they can hold us back, and these are habits that actually can hold us back if we are not aware of them if we don't take charge, and actually recognize the things that we are doing, or not doing. 

Mariana Thomas 01:50

So number nine is staying in our comfort zone. Oh, have you been there? Yeah, me too. You know, it's like, you want to do something, and this has a lot to do kind of a little bit with procrastination, but you want to do something that you are so comfortable, that you don't want to change, you just want to stay there, especially for those that are kind of like S personality, I don't know if you know, a little bit of this. You know, I mean, this person, actually does assessments for people and helps them to discover their personality style, and that personality style S is the one that doesn't like to change. They like to stay in their comfort zone. Why we have been doing this for so long, and I already know what's going on, I don't want to go and do something new. You know, because the step is stepping out of my comfort zone means that I'm going to have to, you know, think about failure, and I don't want to fail. I want to keep winning, I want to stay right here. You will never know what you truly are able to do unless we try unless we consider for a minute that it can be a good thing. If we take the leap to change or to get out of that box if we are a little compacted somewhere and just move and get out of that comfort zone. Okay. People who take risks are people that go a little bit farther than those who don't. Okay, so it's very rewarding. Getting out of that comfort zone. So think about that one. If you’re there, check it out. 

Mariana Thomas 04:01

Now, number 10. Oh, this one, I am a recovered perfectionist. So this one is when you feel like you can be doing everything right. You want to be perfect, and no one else can do it better than you. No one else can do it the way you do it, and what happens here is that this is going to send us back. Right? Because we now are given the opportunity to see if we can get it wrong, and we can learn from it because when you fail actually and when you do things wrong, you had the opportunity to improve. If you don't get yourself the opportunity to do it wrong, you're never gonna learn to improve. Isn't it wonderful to be able to just say, “You know what, that wasn't too perfect. I know I made a mistake there.”, and what happens when you made a mistake, ah, we learn from it. We grow from that, and the best thing, we grow stronger and better. So, what holds us back here is wanting to be perfect. So get out of being a perfectionist, I used to be that I used to be one of those that will not leave the house if the bed was not made, and needed to be made perfectly, no wrinkles, you know, like a military-style. That was a little scary, and actually very tiring. You know, I was tired of being perfect, and so I decided not t. Until I decided to just leave the house and not make the bed at all, and see what happens, and you know what the answer was? Nothing. Nothing happened. 

Mariana Thomas 06:28

Okay, number 11. Ha, waiting and seeing if it is the right time to do something. Huh? If we wait until we are there, okay for, I don't know, for why or from what, to tell us that it is okay, well, we are going to be waiting a long time, because the right time is never the right time. There is never a right time to do something. You know, we can take calculated risks, but you could have just taken the risk. Oh, you can, you can take a calculated risk, but don't let fear keep you from moving forward. You know, because you're waiting on the right moment to do something, and you never stop, and you never start. You never move, and you stay there like a tree-like I told you in episode number 55, part one, right? When I saw that little message that says, “If you are not happy where you are, move. You're not a tree.”, God, I can never forget that, and so interesting. 

Mariana Thomas 07:57

Okay, let's go to number 12. Hmm, I think we think about this one many times when we are trying to make a decision, we're going to go to a conference, how are we going to buy a course? or we are going to hire a coach or a mentor. Not having that budget? And if they have it, you know that we say well, I don't have I don't. I don't I don't know if I can do it right now. You know, and we just do it anyway, because we don't have a budget. We’re careless spenders and we just spend money on things that we probably don't need, and we don't spend the money and time sometimes on the things that we actually need. So paying attention to our money habits is very important. You know, sometimes so you ask yourself that question. Yeah, I don't have it, but yes, you do it, and you do it in a way that you're not careful with your budget. So you don't have a budget actually, the opposite, it’s not that you don’t have the money, it’s just that you are spending too much. So now paying attention to this small cost can really add to it and then you find yourself in trouble. So paying attention to that, paying attention to your spending is very important, and it becomes a habit, a very important one. 

Mariana Thomas 09:41

Number 13 overlooks the importance of persistence. You know, persistence, I think it has been one thing that has been in my favor, but sometimes you forget to persist, because when you have done this for so long, and you have accomplished things as I have done, you know, and then you keep moving forward, and then you try to do something new, and it doesn't happen quick enough, and you throw the towel because you don't want to continue to persist. So you create the habit, not to persist, not to continue doing what you used to do, and persistence is one thing that has actually helped me, and it will help you to achieve your goals or to succeed in whatever you're doing, because that ability to stick with what you are trying to do, and not allow yourself to throw the towel and to say, “I'm not going to continue and not going to do it.”, is going to be very helpful. It’s going to be a powerful weapon for you to achieve your goals and to succeed. I promise you. It has helped me tremendously to be persistent, even when you hear a ‘no’. Even when you hear ‘no’, and ‘no’ is actually a ‘yes’ for me because I'm going to continue to try until I get there. 

Mariana Thomas 11:45

Number 14. You know, letting go is something that I probably learned later in life, you know, and growing up in Colombia, and losing my mother at the age of 13, I think it was the first time that I experienced something that I needed to let go, but I don't know if I actually let go. Even though I thought I did, you know when you lose something so precious. You had no choice. It wasn't your choice to let it go, but I felt like actually got more in touch with the feeling of, you know, that mother that I didn't have. So letting go was really hard for me. So when I love someone, I love really hard, and I get really attached, you know, and so the attachment was something that I had to learn, and attachment has really correlated to letting go. So it's like, you attach yourself, how do you let it go, when you are so attached to something, and mindfulness has been the weapon for me to learn to let go and to understand that if I attach myself to things, I’m going into suffering. Attachment is the biggest reason for suffering. The biggest thing that I had learned that made me suffer the most, is when I attached myself to something and I don't let go. So that one, my friends, is a really important one because there are things that you are going to have to let go of, and the freedom that comes with that has no price, no price, but it is a habit that you have to train to do on your own, and you have to educate yourself how to. 

Mariana Thomas 14:27

Number 15. Speaking of education, you know, I think that when we get the opportunity to learn something, when we get the opportunity to go somewhere and gain that knowledge, you know, it gives you that window into different perspectives because those who have been where you want to be, are the ones who can take you there. So help yourself and understand what's happening in the world. You know the training and the things and no matter how successful you are, you need someone to help you to get to the next level, and educating ourselves is really important. Or having that habit of not educating ourselves. Having the habit of I know it all. I got me. Yeah, and you do you got you? Do you really? Hmm, you have to ask yourself that question. So when we get that attitude, it can hold us back. So we need to learn to educate ourselves. Knowledge is power, and then it can help us to dream bigger, and best yet, knowledge applied is even more powerful, and sometimes we need that little push from someone that can teach us to get there. You know that what we can do with that education to get to the next level, 

Mariana Thomas 16:34

Number 16 is the last one, learn to ask questions. So when you don't ask questions, it could get you into that bad habit of kind of thinking of answering your own questions and you're not asking. Don’t just read the book, or listen to the book, ask. Hmm, guys. It's so so incredible. What happens when you actually ask? So those who question everything or who question things, who are open-minded to ask questions are going to go farther than those who don't, because asking questions will help you to gain the information and the answers that you don't have, and so now we can make decisions. So we can move forward. So if you think that you know, silly, or whatever you think of yourself for asking questions, you’re wrong. Asking questions is a good thing. Not asking questions and creating the habit of not asking questions, is not good. So get yourself acclimated to asking. Asking is a good thing, and it's something that I'm learning myself to do, that it’s okay to ask when I want something, or when I need something, or when I’m asking because I don't know, and that my friends are number 16 and our last one of part two of the Habits That Are Holding You Back From Succeeding and, I truly truly hope that this was valuable to you. I truly do. 

Mariana Thomas 18:41

So number nine once again is staying in your comfort zone or not moving and you know, perfection, trying to be perfect and to be right all the time. Number 11. Number twelve, well, you know, just the spending and not creating, I don't know, a budget or something that you know, you can afford for real, you know. Staying and not persisting, stand still like a tree. Learning to not get attached and then learning to let go, and now seeking that education, because we always learn, we should always have that open mind to learning, and it's okay. Number 16, and last one, to ask. It's okay to ask, because when you ask, you will get an answer, and there's nothing better than getting an answer to your questions because then you can move forward, then you can take it to the next level.

Mariana Thomas 19:57

Let me know how this episode impacted you, and if you learn something if you actually apply this to help you to move forward. With that my friends, we are done and over for today and with this episode. I hope that you share with your friends and family, that you tell the world how to mindfully recharge their life, and send them to our website, www.mindfullyrecharged.com, and don't forget, there's the little guide that you still have right there in the show notes available to you. With that, my friends, have a fabulous rest of the day and see you next time. Mindfully recharge your life. Bye-bye.

Mariana Thomas 20:54

Thank you for listening everyone, and don't forget to go to the show notes and click to download your FREE Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, your families, and everyone up there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So thank you for your support, and I'll see you next week.