Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas

The benefits of Tantra with Dominique D'Vita

July 15, 2021 Mariana Thomas Season 3 Episode 31
Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas
The benefits of Tantra with Dominique D'Vita
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Do you feel like your life is out of balance within yourself and it's affecting the way you deal with situations and other people, including your partner?

In this episode, Dominique D'Vita speaks to us about Tantra - a practice designed to help us become our best self - increasing our self-awareness,  mindfulness, intuition, and discernment through tapping into our chakras.

Dominique D'Vita is a Registered Nurse and Tantra coach. Fueled with the desire to help others heal and live a life with love instead of fear, Dominique shares with her clients the tools and techniques on how to recover from traumas and heartbreaks, how to attract and nourish healthy relationships, and so much more.

Episode 31 at a glance...

  • How Dominique got introduced to the practice of Tantra
  • What Tantra means and its benefits
  • The event that led Dominique to shift to being a Tantra coach
  • How Tantra transformed Dominique's and her clients' life
  • Discovering self-love through Tantra
  • How Tantra affects your intimate relationships
  • How Tantra helps you become more present
  • Benefits of having self pleasure rituals

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Mariana  0:00 
Welcome, everyone. This is your host Mariana Thomas, you are listening to the Mindfully Recharged podcast. In today's episode Dominique D'vita. She was a registered nurse then turned Tantra coach. Dominique believes that by blending science and spirituality, we can better understand our bodies, respect ourselves, and deepen our connections with our partners. I am super excited about this episode, and I hope that you are as well. This is Mariana Thomas. And without further ado, let's get to it.

Intro  0:48 
Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast. Mariana brings you mindful conversations in people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out, so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.

Mariana  1:09 
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Mindfully Recharged podcast. I can't wait to connect with you all today and introduce this beautiful so welcome, welcome Dominique to the Mindfully Recharged podcast. How are your friend today?

Dominique D'vita  1:28 
Oh, I'm doing wonderful. Thank you so much for having me. So nice to connect with you here.

Mariana  1:33 
Absolutely. It's a beautiful day here in Atlanta. How is it going over there?

Dominique D'vita  1:39 
In Austin, it's a beautiful day too, sunshine and just I'm going to go spend some time in nature today and get outdoors.

Mariana  1:47 
Oh, I love that. Yes, nature is really, really important. Okay, I want to get to the juicy story of Dominique and everything that you are about when you and I connected, I was so intrigued by your mission and what you are about to do or doing already in the world. So you know, this is a topic that I haven't speak on  the show yet. But I'm very excited to talk about this today. So Dominique, tell us where did the story begins. So tell us a little bit about yourself. And how did you get into what you're doing right now.

Dominique D'vita  2:32 
I'd love to share. Again, I'm Dominique so I'm registered nurse and Tantra coach, and I've been a nurse since I was 19. So always really passionate about helping people on their healing journeys. And really fascinated with everything having to do with a heart I would help with open heart surgeries and work critical care. And then later my life when I was 44. I had a lover that had studied Tantra and had a tantric coach and then data to Tantra coach. And so he had mastered all these amazing abilities that males are able to do with Tantra. And I'll share some of those here. For males, one of the things that I do teach my male clients is how to separate their orgasm from their ejaculation. So they can be multi orgasmic, which means they have stamina for hours. And another thing that I teach them as these meditation practices, so they don't have to drop in and have full presence because, you know, females were very intuitive. So we can tell when our lover is like fantasizing about something else in their minds or being disconnected. But he was really dropped in and fully present with me. And I had this experience of having a prolonged state of ecstatic pleasure for a period of hours. And we weren't on any kind of substances are awful, I don't drink or anything like that. And neither one of us were and I had a Kundalini awakening more than my Kundalini energy went all the way up to my third eye. And that shifted my whole reality. I just started on a whole new life path when I-

Mariana  4:00 
I have to ask you a question right now, because I know that we say the word Tantra, and we say the word awakening and a lot of, you know, a lot of people in the audience, they probably don't know what Tantra means. What did it comes from?

Dominique D'vita  4:21 
Yes, such a great question. Tantra comes from India, the origin is India, and it's a Sanskrit word. And it's actually pronounced Tantra. And it means a looming or a weaving kind of a bringing of things together. And so with Tantra, it just brings these different elements together that really help you with your transformation with things practices, like breath work, meditation practices, working with your chakras and your energy centers in your body. And knowing how to open up any blocks that you have in your energy centers and doing a lot with the heart chakra which is pink Tantra, or self love. When you start to have this beautiful relationship with yourself, and you have this intimacy and deep connection with yourself, you start having better relationships with other people. And that is a byproduct of that is that you have better intimacy and sex and connection. But the main thing for Tantra isn't even about sex. It's about tools for transformation, and how to have an awakening, where you have this awareness that you're there's more to life than what society has conditioned us to believe and that there's more within you that unlock the magic and the treasure within you. So often in society, we're distracted by things I think you will need to consume, like status symbols, or the things outside of us that we need to attain, and we neglect or forget to tap into that there's so much very treasure within us. And so Tantra just helps you unlock that. And when I was able to have this experience, I realized, wow, there's so much more even to sex than I ever imagined. I had merely, before this experience been scratching the surface, like the tip of the iceberg, or what was fully possible. And it's very much like if you've ever heard the song, by Marvin Gaye, sexual healing, it's very much along those lines, and you can have amazing transformation healing with these practices and techniques.

Mariana  6:14 
Wow, that's amazing. You know, one thing I was thinking is, how did you get there? Like, what made you decide to move from being a registered nurse, to now with speaking and teaching people about this? You know, it's such a different world, you know, it's very different for people to understand, you know, coming from nursing is a different practice. And Tantra just sounds more woowoo? You know, so, I want to know more about that transition.

Dominique D'vita  6:52 
Yes, well, what I've always been fascinated by things that are woowoo. I'm born on Halloween, so I'm just naturally, naturally woowoo. And growing up in a small town in Texas to think about helping someone at the time when I was growing up. It was either going to be a nurse or a doctor and I had my first daughter when I was young. So I chose the path of being a nurse since I was a single mom. And I was always fascinated with the heart. Again, like I shared earlier, I worked in cardiac cath labs, I even took a special training or I can take the role of an assisting surgeon and I would help with open heart surgeries. I took care of heart surgery patients and other types of patients to in intensive care units, heart transplant patients. And whenever I discovered Tantra, I realized, while these things really helped me heal a lot of my traumas from my childhood and emotional wounds, and helped me to be a better person, and I would have been a much better mother to my children. If I would have discovered this earlier on. I didn't discover this until they were young adults, because before I was just in that survival mode of just trying to be the single mom and get things going with them. And then when they were older, I was able to step back into looking at myself and what my needs are. So often when we're raising children, we self sacrifice, and we don't pay attention to the things we need to pay attention to ourselves. But if I had done that sooner, I would have been a better mom for them. But what happened for me was when I realized this massive shift in this healing and how it changed my life, and I started having better relationships with my friends, my lovers, my relatives, my children, like everyone around I attracted better opportunities. And I tapped into this, at the same time was also working in critical care and taking care of people that are facing the end of life many times throughout my career as a nurse, I've been a nurse for 30 years. So taking care of them and holding them in those last moments or when they're facing the fear of death or regret

Mariana  8:52 
That's a long time. 30 years.

Dominique D'vita  8:53 
Yeah, yes, yes. And actually a little over 30 years and, and facing, facing their challenges with them in a holding space for them those moments and just knowing in that moment, there was nothing I could do to change the outcome of their life. I could give them compassion in that moment. But there was nothing I could do to change how that experience was for them. And when I discovered Tantra, I was like, these are the tools that open people's hearts instead of open heart surgery. These are the tools This is how I drop my guard and my walls and I live life more from a place of love instead of fear. And so I was like this is how I can reach people at a younger point on their timeline and help them to heal themselves in these ways and also help them you know, pleasure as medicine have more pleasure in their body so they don't have disease. Disease is a discomfort in your body. And when we have shame about intimacy, sex connection, that creates those vibration energies within us. And so show them also with Holistic Health things and the things that I've learned about how food can be your medicine, you know, watching your nutrition and doing other things to offer, optimize their health, I can help them have a better experience in their life. I gave it sharing the tools with them, and help them optimize their health. So hopefully they're not in the hospital dying of an illness. But whenever they do take their last breath, they don't have the regrets because they lived a life from fear instead of love. Or they that's Yeah, so that's how that began. And I was like, Oh, I was fascinated with the heart early on, because this was my path. But when I was younger, I just didn't understand what my path was. because there wasn't anyone around about Tantra.

Mariana  10:30 
Yeah.  I think, it's sometimes life just put us in a position where we can learn and grow to take it to the next level, and to truly add value to people in a better way. Right. And that was that was you right there. So you wouldn't notice. But even though you were adding value to people and helping a lot of people that were sick, there was more for you. And in a way, you know, you discovered that right there nursing other people, you know, and now we're talking about Tantra, and I want to know, how the Tantra transform your life and how it's transforming other people's life. Your clients, you know, like, give me examples. I want to know what this is about I'm so intrigued.

Dominique D'vita  11:25 
Yes, I share about my first experience with Tantra with my tantric lover, and video on my YouTube called Soulgasm, about soul orgasms. And we can share that in the show notes if you want to share with everyone how that began. But it really helped me I'm a Scorpio and then I had a bunch of emotional things and challenges growing up, I think we all because our parents were never taught how to have healthy relationships, right. And so they just keep perpetuating this generational trauma, one generation down to the next. So often, now we're having more conscious parenting, but back in this time period, we didn't. And I had a lot of anger and I wouldn't handle my emotions always in the best way. Like I could be really quick to anger, you know, the Scorpio that little singer would come out. And one thing is that it helped me do so much as helped me to balance my emotions, and with my Chakras and my energy centers, to where I was quick to anger. And then I would have more compassion. And I used meditation techniques, and I would have more self awareness. And I could just drop in and see why is, what is happening. Why is this either triggering me or what is this here to teach me? I just have a different approach to life and the challenges. And I learned that people's behavior is a reflection on them. And my response to their behavior is a reflection on me. I'm not always here to check everyone's behavior and tell everyone what they should be doing. Like, how dare you shouldn't do this, you know, just know that's not that's not from a place of judgment, but a place of compassion that people are just doing the best that they can with the tools that they have. So that really helped me so much start to shift. And then recently one of my clients said he's now having better sex with his wife at 60 than when they were 30. He was about to have to start taking Viagra, he got a Viagra prescription right before we began working together. Now he has like hour long sessions with his wife. And he shared with me the other day, you know, we keep having sessions and working through things. And when his mother had passed away first are working together even almost a year later, he never cried and mourn the loss of his mother because he had some childhood traumatic wounds from her. He felt like she didn't love him. And as we did some of our sessions together, he realized, Oh, my mom did love me. And that was her trauma popping up and how she responded to me as a trauma response. And he gets recognized the way she did love him. And when I guided him through like a root chakra guided kind of meditation practice, he cried for the first time and he was like, wow, I thought that this was really powerful. Then we keep working together. And he shared with me on our last call. He was like my wife shared with me today. This is after 30 years of marriage and they have, you know, adult children that are off, you know, out of the nest now. And he says my wife thanked me for allowing her to get to know me like he starts like dropping his walls, even after being in a marriage for 30 years, and being more comfortable with being vulnerable and being seen. And she was she was a little shy being older to work with me. But during our sessions where we have our sessions, he was like, I want to thank you my wife says to thank you and and then he told me also that he that this last year, he also worked at the hospital with people facing like, you know, death and dying and end of life things too. And he says this last year, like my emotions are so much better. I don't get angry. Anger is not a thing for me anymore. I was like, wow. And he never told me when we started working together, that anger was a thing for him. But then he was like this past year I haven't and I said It's so good. Imagine he says a few times at the hospital, things would irritate me a little bit. And I said, Well, imagine I mean, last year was during COVID, of course, things are going to be stressful at the hospital of all places. This is like, total chaos at first navigating that situation, those challenges. And I said, Imagine if you hadn't started working with me, we started working together a few months before COVID hit. I said, Imagine if you wouldn't have had those tools, what this year would have been like for you.

Mariana  15:28 

Dominique D'vita  15:29 
And so he's like, yeah, I'm so thankful, like, I'm not Don't get angry. So it just helps us to relate better to ourselves and to the world around us. And his blood pressure's improved, like we were, we just go through a lot, there's a lot of levels that I go through with my clients, depending on how ready they are to level up and what they're ready to face, and to conquer,

Mariana  15:47 
Which is thinking, you know, as you were speaking into this in with your client, I was thinking, maybe he allow love into his life. Finally, you know, because sometimes, and I relate to this, because the relationship with the me and my father is not the best. And I always thought, you know that I have a blockage there. So somehow, but I'm always sending him, metta, which is love and kindness, you know, it's every day, I just say, may he be saved, may he be healthy. And I just sent him a lot of love. But I'm thinking am I allowing myself, you know, that love from him. And especially if he don't know if that love is there. So I'm thinking that your client just, you know, release whatever was going on, in his family, his mom or whatever, and just allow that love to come in. In the same way he can love his wife with no attachment to other things.

Dominique D'vita  17:04 

Mariana  17:06 
Am I right?

Dominique D'vita  17:07 
Yes, because what Tantra really helps you with the self love, is it helps you to be able to love yourself, when we can only love another as much as we love ourselves. Of course, when we can tap into a deeper love and connection, intimacy within ourselves. The relationship we have with ourselves is a mirror for all other relationships around us. So your father may not even know how to love himself. So he doesn't know how to show you love. He doesn't even know how to love himself. And then what did the messaging did he pick up from his parents, he may be kinder to you than his parents were to him, but he doesn't know how to go that extra step of helping you to feel loved because of traumas or things he won't talk about or share about with you that are having him have this disconnect for him thinking has to hold this boundary or, or to not show his emotions in that way.

Mariana  17:58 
Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, I was so interested. I mean, this topic is so profound. And I think a lot of people need to really listen to this and really tap into Tantra. You know, because I have heard the term for so long. You know, me being in a yoga world for so long in my life. I always heard the word Tantra, Tantra yoga, Tantra yoga. And I was like, is that about doing yoga poses? with like, sex poses? I don't know, I was so confused. So when I met you, I was like, Yes, we got to bring this somewhere, because I want to learn some more. So one of the things that I was thinking is, what type of self care or routine? Do you practice? And you have your clients? Yeah, I don't want you to give it all out. But just tell me a little bit of what type of practice someone does every single day that allows them to tap into Tantra.

Dominique D'vita  19:06 
That's such a beautiful question. Beginning with mindfulness practices with meditation is such a great way to to first connect with yourself and drop in with yourself. And then you respond to the world and the challenges of the day, in a different way. And when you first wake up in the morning, not to first check your phone or open all your emails, because imagine energetically, if you open your eyes in your room and 70 people were standing in your bedroom, that would be weird. But that's what we allow. We allow these people into our intimate spaces at the very beginning of the day. So just to have those energetic boundaries and do your self care and, and tap in and wake up a few minutes early, even if you just set the alarm for 10 minutes early to do a meditation practice and then have another alarm with some chime sounds like from iTunes with the chimes. So that You will not jarred out of your meditation, stay in that flow, and then doing breathwork practices I even have on my YouTube, which is Yes Tantra like the Breath of Fire, some other breathwork practices, but I teach them that helps you open up your chakras, optimize your energy, and then doing a lot of things with self love. And so, there's a quiz online. That's the love languages like Do you know your love languages? Your five love languages?

Mariana  20:28 
Yeah, I've read that book like several times.

Dominique D'vita  20:30 
So great. But when you take that quiz, also see what is your love language? And how can you love yourself in your own love language, what can you do for yourself during the day that is loving to yourself, and do those things we often wait for a lover or someone else to have us feel loved, we can source this for ourselves. And when we become our own best lover, we attract better lovers. Just like law of attraction, and you flow through the day in a different way. So those are like the baseline things that I'm doing. And then just journaling, affirmations, all of those things are so amazing, because we want to rewire our subconscious mind. Because we operate mostly from the subconscious, we think we're operating from our logical mind, but I believe our daily activities, only 3% of it really comes from our conscious mind, everything is the patterns and everything are playing out in these habits are playing out from our subconscious. And we need to change those things. If we want to change our reality and change how we're doing things don't have a different experience, what is Einstein's definition of insanity, you know, expecting a different outcome, but we do things the same way every day. So we have to change certain aspects of ourselves and have that awareness. So those are the beginning,

Mariana  21:45 
You definitely speak in my language. Good. That's, you know, that's what I do for myself. And that's what I teach as well, to a lot of my clients is really awesome. How self care, you know, and having a routine in your life can add value to so many ways in your life. You know, and we don't think about, we don't think about like, oh, how is this going to help me? And, you know, we don't we only talk about the moment. We don't go into deeper, deeper situations like intimate relationship. You know, what is it going to do with my, you know, relationship in the bedroom. But just we just think, Oh, I just can have a great day. It's way more than that. So having a self care routine is so so important. And I also like to add to that day, it doesn't have to be the same self care routine for everybody. You know, you have to pick and choose what works for you. Did you agree?

Dominique D'vita  22:56 
Yeah, I agree. I do agree you should be enjoying your self care, you should try to find a way that you enjoy meditating, though. I bet it could be an active meditation, a walking meditation. A meditation in the shower. But tapping into yourself at some form of meditation.

Mariana  23:14 
Absolutely. That's totally, totally, my language is again. And so if we talk about meditation, you know, there is a mindfulness meditation that I teach, I'm certified on that. How does mindfulness improve intimacy? You know, I'm so excited about this, because I'm like, if you are more mindful of yourself, how can they improve? You know, my relationship in an intimate way, with my partner? And my lover? My husband, whoever it is, you know, in my life?

Dominique D'vita  23:55 
Yes, well, your brain is your largest sex organ. So whenever you have a meditation practice, you're already helping yourself to have more pleasure and better sex with a meditation practice. Now, the mindfulness piece of that also helps so much with your partner because you're able to be more present and less distracted, to like, connect more deeply and have more presence with them, instead of being off in your mind so often, you know, especially I've been with partners before, and it just sometimes it can feel like they're a million miles away. If we're thinking about the laundry list of things that we didn't get completed during the day or so stressful then or something that we're worried about. And we're not being mindful and really present there with our partners. So when I can fully see our partner and fully felt seen by our partner, that creates a lot of safety, trust, connection, intimacy, and improves your relationships on so many levels.

Mariana  24:54 
And I feel like that requires a lot of intentionality. You know, what you do throughout the day, you know, like you self care by yourself you're putting into yourself first. Okay, taking care of the bigger things, and your to do list. So you can start feeling lighter when they can you know when that moment comes for you to spend time with your husband or your boyfriend. Right?

Dominique D'vita  25:21 

Mariana  25:21 
You don't feel like I gotta do this, I gotta do that. And now your mind is all over the place versus being in a present moment. Yeah, beautiful. I knew I knew mindfulness is huge. And that's why I love it. That's what I teach it. That's what I live it. So that's Tantra. You know, I'm a very intuitive person. You know, I feel like intuition is one of my superpowers. So how does Tantra helps with intuition?

Dominique D'vita  25:52 
It helps you because it helps with your chakras, your energy centers, and your third eye chakra, it helps you tap more into your intuition. And then also your crown chakra helps you tap more into discernment. So your life starts to get better when you can intuitively have an understanding of things and then feel more guidance for your crown chakra as well. So you make better decisions for yourself. And you just have more awareness on how you approach things. So that's how Tantra helps, it's, it has increased my intuition by so much. And you just have this more awareness with the meditation and mindfulness practices of tapping into your intuition and not ignoring it, or not allowing other people to have you not believe in your intuition. You know, like you can in the past, I may have a lover and then I would feel like maybe they were not being honest about something, or they were cheating. And they'd be like, Oh, no, no, you're being dramatic. That's not what's happening. Later, I find out that's what's happening, right. So now, thank goodness, what Tantra at now I look for I attract better lovers, and I have more awareness. So I watched them in my intuition guides me and I'm looking, do they have mindfulness practices? What is their self love game like? What is the relationship they have with themselves, and I also trust my intuition. And if my intuition is telling me something, or I'm feeling red flags or discomfort, I'm just like, you know, just the fact that I'm not now I used to be like Columbo and I would double check things are like, I need to prove and show them that I know that they're wrong, la la la, I don't waste my energy like that anymore. I'm just like, if something is, I trust my intuition now. And if it's guiding me a certain way, I can just take a step back, I just know that isn't for me. And I don't have to give an explanation. I can just say, No, just don't think this is going to be working out for me. It doesn't have to be so dramatic. So it help me have healthier relationships too.

Mariana  27:43 
Right. I love that. And also, the fact that it allows you to release so much from yourself, right? And when you do release a lot, it's almost like you are in a state of flow. And you can really listen, you can really be truly present. And I feel like the more present, I am with myself, the better my intuition is. Did you agree with that?

Dominique D'vita  28:11 
Yes, I do. And your present needs?

Mariana  28:13 
Yeah, absolutely. I thank you so much for that in, you know, that input there. I also wanted to talk about this is this is a question that makes me blush. Okay, so, you know, I'm growing up in Colombia in South America. You know, your parents talk to you about sex and about, you know, when you grow up when you turn when you get your period, and all that type of stuff. But it's really not an open conversation, you know, when you can really ask deeper questions. So I feel like it when it comes to this topic, I still have a little bit of blush in my face, when I ask about it. So my question is, how does pleasure empowers you and me using Tantra?

Dominique D'vita  29:17 
I love it.

Mariana  29:21 
Can you see my red face?

Dominique D'vita  29:23 
Yeah. And that's okay. And there's so much shame in our society, around sex around talking about sex or about talking about money. And that's how we can have such challenge having a healthy relationship with sex and with money, because it's so charged from this energetic of shame. So it's important to have this conversation so that we can have an understanding and unpack that shame, and see, where's that coming from? But one thing that I do want to share here is that our sexual energy is our most creative energy. It's our lifeforce energy. We were created for sexual energy, so we're more able to tap into that energy within us. We are more empowered, we can tap into our creative genius. If you read the book by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich. Chapter 11 is titled The Mystery of Sex. Well, I take out the mystery of sex with the things that I teach. But in that chapter, it's talking about sexual transmutation, and sexual transmutation is just focusing your sexual energy, your lifeforce energy on what you're wanting to bring into existence in your life, or what you're wanting to create, and tap into your creative genius. And so these techniques were used by Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, to do just that, to tap into the creative genius. So you can use it, it doesn't just have to be to create a life, it can be used in a different way. And so if in society, if they have us feeling shame about sex, then we're disconnecting from our power center. And especially as women, if we're feeling a lot of shame, when good girls don't do this, and you are the sex is only for your partner, and you're not allowed to do pleasure this that neither x, y, z, all the things that we've heard, then we're feeling shame about it. And we're disconnecting from that. So so often we're will be, you know, if we're being single, we won't take time for having self pleasure practice, which Tantra teaches you to have amazing. Solo self pleasure rituals. So you have these prolonged states of pleasure, and pleasure, again, as medicine because you're raising your vibration, and there's all these health benefits to experiencing pleasure in your body. So often as a nurse, I would see a patient that would have illnesses, because diseases again, disease are discovering their body, around their sex organs are different things and I would look at their chart and they'd also have a history of anxiety, depression, like all these stressful states and stressful energies can bring in cancers and other diseases of people's body because you're feeling discomfort and your body is under the energy of stress. So sex is such a great stress relief, you know, when you do it in a minute with mindfulness and with an awareness, and you know how to focus that energy. And then again, pleasure is medicine. And you're releasing all these really good feel good hormones, your your, you know, with these orgasm, you're decreasing your cortisol levels, your stress hormones, you know, so there's so many benefits to having pleasure. And you're actually able to manifest you can amplify your law of attraction skills. With this same energy you can charge. And one of my clients just emailed me today, and I shared a post on social media, she shared with me that she just manifested she was thinking she would want a new car, she manifested her company giving her a new car of a Mercedes luxury car, she's still working from home, she's like, I don't even know that I'll drive it soon, because I'm still working from home. But I want to start driving more, and this is going to be fun for me. So there wasn't even a need for the company's perspective, her working from home to have a new car, and she got a promotion. And it came with a new car with some Mercedes luxury edition. So she put on the console the car or nickname and her manifestations, into the on settings on the car.

Mariana  33:08 
That is amazing. Okay, I got to manifest. I said, I practice in Tantra. You know, and you've touched in a really good topic for me when it comes to women. You know, especially, we are very shy about this topic.

Dominique D'vita  33:17 

Mariana  33:31 
And I won't say every women, but I'm not a lot of them, including me. You know and because when I think about men, they're so open about the topic. It's so easy for for them to get together and talk about it. But even women, when we get together, we're still shy to talk among us you know about this, because like, Oh my god, what's wrong with you? We need to be talking about I don't know something else, or clothes or, you know, what self care you do on your hair and makeup or other of whatever topics that we do talk about when we get together. So the topic you mentioned that it really caught my attention. Because like I mentioned, growing up in South America, that was that was not something that my family just like let's talk about that. You know, and if you just like, let's not go there, you know, so yeah,

Dominique D'vita  34:39 
In my family, my mother was very open talking about sex. And at that time as a child, it would annoy me. I was just like, I can't even take you to a parent teacher meeting or anything you just like you just don't know how to behave. So now as I've gone through my journey, she's already passed. She had me when she was much older in life and. And as I go through my journey, I realize, Oh, she was the mother that I needed so that I am able to have these resources without having shame about it.

Mariana  35:15 
I knew that.

Dominique D'vita  35:17 
Yeah. So now I see that that was a gift. But when I was younger, I didn't understand. I didn't understand my full life purpose. Now with males, they will talk about sex, but they talk about in a bragging way. I mean, I've talked in a bragging way about sex before too, so I'm not judging them. But they often when males talk about sex with males, they're just talking about bragging, like, oh, who that they had sex with, or how they would want to do this or something like that. They don't have conversations, though about a challenge that they're having with their sex or how to do things better. So there is still a lot of shame for males, even males will talk less about sex and help one another out.

Mariana  35:57 
So good to know that.

Dominique D'vita  35:59 
So just in my experience, I work with men, women, singles and couples. So yeah, it's just been the experience.

Mariana  36:05 
So awesome. Okay, I love, love, love everything that we just shared. And I want people to get to know, how did they if they want to start working with you, and get to know more about Tantra? How can they find you and what's in store? What do you have to offer right now, Dominique?

Dominique D'vita  36:27 
I'd love to share my website. Yestantra.com. But on social media and clubhouse, it's just @yestantra and my YouTube is Yes Tantra. But what I have to share right now is all my links in my bio is on social have this information, I have a 12 day self love ebook that people can get. And it is the introductory introduction to Tantra, and self love practices. I have some master classes on female pleasure and male pleasure that have been recorded that people can purchase. And I have some tools and stuff that I share is like some free gifts guides for to having more pleasure that I can share with you, you can share with your guests. And then when I coach clients one to one, there's a link where you can request a discovery call to see about working with me to be sure we're a good fit to work together I coach with three, six months, three months and six weeks per week programs. And I'm just beginning my second round of my own method, which is my orgasmic magic manifestation method. And I teach this both to males and females because males and females manifest differently depending on how they have orgasms. But this is a group of females of goddesses and I take them through a three month journey with modules like group calls and we're just leveraging each other's magic and celebrating all the things orbit.

Mariana  37:46 

Dominique D'vita  37:47 
Yeah. So that's beginning on. That's beginning on Monday

Mariana  37:51 
The magic, okay. Okay, guys, you heard that. So make sure that you, you are going to be able to hit to the show notes, and find all of this and also YouTube channel. And when I post you're going to be able to find her on Instagram, and other social medias so you can get to know what Tantra is and work with Dominique. I'm so excited for people to listen to this episode. And thank you so much for being here today on the mindfully Recharged podcast, Dominique. Last question. So based on Tantra, one tip that the audience can use to when it comes to Mindfully Recharge themselves, what would you say?

Dominique D'vita  38:46 
To mindfully recharge themselves?

Mariana  38:48 

Dominique D'vita  38:53 
The Breath of Fire would be the greatest tip. And I'll share a link with that with you so that they can check that out Breath of Fire, it energizes you quite a bit. So you want to do it earlier in the day, not too late in the day, because then you may have challenges sleeping. But this is a really great mindfulness practice that will charge up charge you up and charge up your chakras and your energy centers.

Mariana  39:14 
Beautiful Breath of Fire. Yes. Breath of Fire, guys. That's a good way of mindfully recharging yourself. So with that, we are going to head out. Thank you Dominique one more time. Thank you for being here. Remember to head to is it tantra.com? Repeat the web for us.

Dominique D'vita  39:35 
It's yestantra.com.

Mariana  39:37 
Okay, perfect!

Dominique D'vita  39:38 
Thanks so much for having me here, Mariana.

Mariana  39:40  
Absolutely. It was a pleasure, my love. Thank you so much for educating us on what Tantra is and everything that you have to offer. So head up to the show notes. And don't forget to share this episode with everyone out there in the world, with your friends, your families, and anyone that wants to get in Tantra mode send in to Dominique today. So with that, have a great day everyone and Mindfully Recharge your life. I'll see you in the next episode.